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The rise of “iPads”: Are Crystal Lake preschoolers too young for tablets?

Posted on 01-20-2015


As we edge toward a more digital future, many parents are concerned that tablets and mobile devices may encourage an unhealthy dependency. Many responsible companies, who manufacture these devices, are becoming cognizant of ways to assimilate mobile devices into our lives, without promoting a constant need to interact with them. We will reveal how tablets and mobile devices are becoming more childcare-friendly. We will show you how you can utilize them for your child’s preschool learning years, while avoiding some of the issues that are causing concern.

Mobile devices are excellent for a young child

The ideal time to introduce your child to advanced technology and intricate concepts is while he or she is still young. A young child is constantly seeking to learn more, and is open and more adaptable to new concepts and knowledge.

Natural self-control

It is amazing to observe a preschool child being introduced to a tablet. Introduce your child to a tablet during childcare and observe the reaction. You can always decide later if it is the right or wrong choice for your child. However, offering the opportunity can greatly benefit the advanced intellectual development of your child. The main difference lies in how the technology is used, and the discipline that is applied.

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