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My son loves it!
Kyle ABSOLUTELY LOVES Kids R Kids. He looks forward to going to school every single day...even weekends. He is a big promoter of Kids R Kids as well. When he is with his cousins or friends and they talk about "school" he says he goes to the BEST school ever. I have to agree with him. I have never had a negative experience in the 2 years Kyle has been at Kids R Kids. Last year, Ms. Steph was great. Kyle quickly attached himself to her and we were concerned how he would transition to K Prep. Not a problem at all. Ms. Michelle is AWESOME!!!! I couldn’t say enough about her. She takes the time to talk to you about what your child did for the day and also if there are any weaknesses he needs to work on. Kyle absolutely loves her. He even tells me he wants to spend Thanksgiving with her. This makes me feel so good dropping him off knowing that he is in such a positive, caring and educational environment. The entire staff is great. We also love the fun things planned throughout the year like pumpkin patch, autumn leaves trick or treating, breakfast with Frosty, Holiday performance, and the tearjerker graduation. I am going to be very sad to see him leave and go to kindergarten next year, but plan to utilize the before and after school program. Kids R Kids.... keep doing what your doing. There is no other center comparable to you.
Lisa W.
We LOVE it!
We have a 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy and let me tell you we have gone through what most would call a parents nightmare with other facilities, home daycare and even family friends watching our children. It has been a struggle that I'm sure a lot of parents go through. It is a hard enough to go back to work after having your child and all the more difficult when you worry about them while you're away. I've struggled with the fact that I don't have the opportunity to be a stay at home mother and that someone else will get more time with my children than me during best hours of the day. Than on top of all of that worry and regret we have had some really terrible experiences. We have had a complete lack of curriculum; their idea of structure was giving them a coloring book page with a letter on it, and calling it a day. There was no crafts, no music no chance for the kids to learn and grow. We had refusal to assist in potty training because that is the parent’s problem not theirs. They also refused to abide by car seat rules and standards. We have had people use our diapers, wipes and food for other children. As many parents know especially while both kids were in diapers at the same time it gets expensive and to have a place lying to us about using our supplies was really difficult for us. To top it off we were lied to about a situation where our son got hurt and that was the last straw. We went searching for a place we can finally call home, but were worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Kids R Kids not only worked with us on finances so we can afford this dream, but they offer so much more than we could have imagined. The teachers have genuine care for every child in their classroom. The Curriculum is amazing and even after the first week the kids were coming home and reciting what they did that day and they really learned! I didn’t hear only about what color ninja someone brought in that day or who hit who with a toy, they really were learning, creating, and thriving in this new environment. Than all of the enrichment programs that you offer on top of that is simply amazing. Especially with arts and music being taken out of a lot of schools it makes me very happy to know that they are getting a chance to experience it at such a young age and be able to grow with it. I really feel like Kids R Kids has more to offer than any other facility I have
Nicole F.
Soooo Happy
I have to tell you. I've NEVER been more pleased with a place for Gabby as I am with yours. ALL of you are so friendly, helpful & full of giggles. Makes a mom feel REALLY good about leaving their child there. You ALL deserve to be rewarded as far as I'm concerned. Maybe think about having t-shirts made for parents as a free walking billboard. I for one tell everyone about your facility. :)
Awesome Private Preschool
We had lots of options for preschool but once I walked into the school, I knew that my son would have fun learning at KRK. Mrs. Dee was a wonderful teacher. She was patient and cared about each student. The program included all components that my son needs for Kindergarten.
Love KRK!
We are very pleased with Kids R Kids to date, and definitely think that we made the best childcare choice for our daughter. The teachers are absolutely wonderful, and we are comfortable and confident in the care they provide on a daily basis. She is a very happy and thriving baby, and we credit Kids R Kids with helping us ensure that she is developing at appropriate pace. I also appreciate that the teachers are always willing to answer any questions we may have. I love reading all of the comments on her daily sheet, and I am thrilled that, even as an infant, she participates in numerous activities throughout the day. We would definitely recommend Kids R Kids to any of our friends in the area who are looking for childcare. We love it, and look forward to seeing the other things our daughter will learn/do as she continues at Kids R Kids.
You Guys ROCK!!!
I just wanted to shoot you all a quick note and say how much we REALLY love KRK!! Im sitting at my desk watching Dylan in his cooking class. I think your center is amazing from all the holiday events to the day to day curriculum provided. I have nothing but great things to tell people about your center. You guys do a great job and I personally think you guys blow all the other chains in the area out of the water. Dylan sat in the same room all day with the daily walk in the stroller down the hallwayHOW BORING. I am comforted and happy that he is in your care and I dont feel guilty that I work or worry that he isnt getting love, attention and variety. I also feel that no matter what time or day it is all the staff is friendly and welcoming. YOU GUYS ROCK!
D. Wiggins - IL
My daughter loves her school and teachers!
I cannot say enough about Kids R Kids. My infant daughter is thrilled each morning when we walk into her classroom. The staff is wonderful and beyond accommodating. I feel so comfortable leaving my daughter but can always check in on her with the available online viewing of her classroom. I am so happy to have found this school for my daughter and so grateful to the staff for taking such wonderful care of her.
It`s awesome!! Come check it out!
We knew KRK was the place for our daughter - even before it opened! At the age of 4, we had to find a new facility after our previous facility couldnt bus my daughter to a D158 school. Upon receiving a note from the director and hearing her excitement about this new place, we had to check it out. Since then, we have been hooked!! We have been at KRK since Day 1 and will be very sad when we finally have to say good-bye. But, if you are reading this, you want to know about the facility and the staff. First, the actual building is beautiful. See-through classrooms provide an open atmosphere and there is an outdoor playground for every two classrooms. There is a cafeteria where the kids eat breakfast and lunch (a great benefit for older kids getting ready to transition to a school environment). In addition to all of the individual classrooms, there is a computer lab and a smart screen nook for providing guided learning. While each classroom has the standard toys, books, puzzles and blocks that every facility has, there are also many activities available to encourage interactive play (puppet theatres, play kitchens, etc.). Previously, we had to be willing to pay for enrichment programs to provide growth opportunitiesnot anymore. Cooking classes, karate, dance, gymnastics and many more are included!! Now, on to the staff. There is a staff member at the front desk at all times to provide you access to the facility, answer any questions or just to chat! Every staff member that we have encountered maintains a high standard for excellence. Every teacher has been diligent in understanding the individual needs of the children and addressing those needs while still maintaining control in the classroom setting. Whether it is giving hugs or disciplining as appropriate, the teachers and administrators at KRK have managed to surpass our expectations at every turn. From where we were to where we arethank you KRK for making our lives better!
E Fritz - IL
A Step Above The Rest!
WE LOVE KRK!!! At other local day care facilities, you see the lack of care and nurturing from the staff, not to mention the buildings have limited resources for children to grow and explore. KRK actively strives to create a curriculum that is not only educational and challenging but fun! From the moment we walked into KRK in September 2010, we knew our children would be in good hands! The owner, directors, and staff welcomed us with open arms. One thing I noticed right away is how accomodating they are to each families` needs. Having children with allergies, they are always communicating upcoming events and asking how they can substitute so our children feel included. The facility offers so many things to the children from the cafeteria for meals, large playground areas to run, smart board technology to broaden their minds, and security cameras for a parent`s peace of mind. My children don`t want to miss anything here. Previously they wanted to know how early I could pick them up. Now, they ask me not to pick them up until after cooking class, karate, etc.....What a breathe of fresh air to know that my children are in a place that they want to be in while I am at work all the while receiving the nurturing and education they need! Thank you KRK!
C. Markee - IL
My children love their school!
My two children have been going to KRK since November 2010 and we could not be happier. I have a son in preschool and a daughter in the infant room. They are both really well taken care of and always happy when I pick them up. We came from another childcare center in the area and find that KRK takes pride in their center and the programs offered. My son always enjoys cooking, science, karate, art, computer classes, gymnastics, and Tot Rock (just to name a few)! The 2 directors and owner are always on-site and talk with the parents everyday! I have to allow for extra time in the morning because I am always talking with them and end up running late for work! Last week, they were calling me on my cell phone to tell me to log onto the online viewing; my infant daughter was walking for the first time! I thought that was so nice of them to call to tell me watch online since I couldn`t be there! Thank you for taking such great care of my children!
Holly Rudnick - IL
A Standout School!
My daughter started going to KRK in November 2010 and my husband and I could not be happier with our decision to enroll her here. We took our daughter out of another local school as KRK had so much more to offer her. They have daily activities (computer class, gymnastics, karate, cooking class, etc) that keep the children busy and engaged. KRK has a huge indoor gym, cafeteria and computer room that allow them to offer a lot of activities that other schools cannot. I felt this was very important especially because of the long winters we have here. Every day I am greeted by the directors and on most days the owner. They have a very visible presence in the school and make it a point to get to know each family. My daughter is so happy to go to school and when she isnt there she is talking about it or pretending she is one of the teachers there. I take full advantage of the security cameras as I enjoy the opportunity to see my daughter having fun and interacting with the teachers and kids throughout the day. There is nothing better for a parent then to see their child laughing and smiling. The staff at KRK go above and beyond to make their school standout and to provide fun activities for the kids throughout the year. I am so fortunate that we have the opportunity to have our daughter in a school like this. I have friends and family that wish they lived in the area so their kids could go to a school that can offer so much.
C. Sasse - IL
I feel that my son is loved here!
After staying home for 2 years with son, it was hard for me and for him to have him somewhere different every day. I feel that Christopher is safe and happy and I couldn`t be more grateful for the teachers and directors for loving him and showing him that, as I do at home all while playing and teaching him throughout the day. With the security cameras, I feel that he`s always safe and I feel close to him all day long. Thank you KRK!
E. Larsen - IL
The real deal!
I really realized how special a place KRK was when my son Adam was upset to see me go last week. The staff was so accomodating and they know what it`s like for a parent. I got a followup telling me everything was "a-ok". Plus, signing online securely to watch them after leaving is a great piece of mind too. The engagement that the kids get when they are there is super important and they love it! That the staff takes the time to address kid`s needs AND the parents too! That`s service! So many programs to keep them busy, happy, and having fun. Thank you KRK, Joe Cicero Star 105.5 www.star105.com
Joe Cicero - Star 105.5 in Crystal Lake - IL
My daughter loves it here!
Going back to work and the idea of leaving my 6 month old daughter behind was devastating to me. We have interviewed several daycares but when we walked into KRK we knew this was the right place for our family. The director gave us a tour of the center and explained different activities in each age group. The glass walls make the transition from one age group to another a much easier for the children. We love the security cameras letting us peak at our baby every day seeing her safe and happy. The center is very safe, welcoming and clean. The teachers are very loving and carrying. Seeing our daughter giving hugs to her teacher in no time reassured us that we made the right choice. We would like to thank her teachers for a wonderful care and making a very smooth transition for our munchkin and us.
J. Henke - IL
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