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Crystal Lake child care advice: Is preschool the right time to introduce a second or even third language to your child?

Posted on 08-06-2014


Language skills should not be underestimated with regards to the early development of your preschool child. Language is fundamental in communication, interpretation, and comprehension. Basic language skills are vital for any child today and children can build upon these skills to interact with peers and adults, and to learn in school. Your child needs to learn how to best communicate through language, which is easier done when very young. In addition, your preschooler is at a life stage that is characterized by an incredible ability to learn new information and develop essential neural synapses, so introducing a second or even third language to your child while he or she is in preschool can only be advantageous.

Studies have shown that a child who understands a second or third language while he or she is young has better comprehension. This is evident not only in language skills but also a variety of other areas as well, such as:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Social development
  • Emotional development

We recommend our preschool program for young aspiring students, mainly because this type of education is not offered at typical day care centers. This AdvancED Accredited program covers a wide range of subjects that emphasize healthy early brain development and optimize your child’s mental potential.

Your child will learn in an engaging, stimulating, state-of-the-art environment at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Crystal Lake. Our engaging courses introduce your child to a wide variety of academic fields, including math, science, music, architecture and art while encouraging him or her to explore. Fun group and individual activities led by highly qualified teaching staff will help your child stay healthy and physically active while developing strong, positive character traits.

If you are interested in giving your child a competitive advantage, contact us today.

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